Web-Scale Discovery, Quality Information, and User Habits in K-12 and Public Libraries

There’s a huge demand for full-text, credible research that’s easy to find, unbiased and not hiding behind a paywall.  In-depth information on issues like product research, health issues, hobbies, career advice and personal finance are within the reach of your library’s users. But do you know how to help them find it?

This Thursday: Open Access and Libraries

Scholarly journals are increasingly becoming digital, experimenting with new publishing models such as Open Access (OA) and incorporating multimedia into their formats. In addition, the process of research continues to evolve because of mandates from funding agencies to publicly share research findings and data. For a candid discussion of what OA is (and isn’t), join us for “Open Access and Libraries,” the next broadcast of American Libraries Live.

This Thursday: Digitization and Libraries

Digitization is not the future of libraries—it’s the present. Whether your institution is a community repository or you need to digitize old materials to save space, the ability to start a digitization project is becoming an essential skill for today’s librarian.  “Digitization and Libraries,” the next broadcast of American Libraries Live, will examine this rapidly growing area of librarianship.  

Up Next: Library Self-Service Software and Devices

Self-service library technology is everywhere nowadays, from machines that can scan and sort books automatically to self-checkout stations and book vending machines, allowing patrons to access library materials and services without a personal interaction. “Library Self-Service Software and Devices,” the next broadcast of American Libraries Live, will discuss how this technology can best serve the library’s users as well as its staff.  Please tune in at 2 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Sept.

Coming Up: The Kid and Teen-Friendly Library

Children and teenagers are a crucial group of patrons for any public library. On the next episode of American Libraries Live, we'll discuss how we can effectively get them into the library and involved with library programs and services.

Jennifer Velasquez,  Coordinator of Teen Services for the San Antonio Public Library System and a lecturer in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University will moderate an interactive discussion on Thursday, July 10th at 2pm Eastern.

Our Panel for this Episode Includes:


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